lunedì 31 ottobre 2011

Last parcel!

My last taobao parcel is arrived finally! I bought a lot of things, if someone is interested on a specific object/ link/other let me know!
My shopping : Banana fish dress/shirt, two cross rings, three cross necklaces, Prisila fake bangs, Lolita wig with pony tails, three round headdresses from Fox Cherry and a chiffon black blouse!


I’ll surely make a review of round headdress in the next days, I thought it would be interesting for a lot of lolitas!
Join me tomorrow for the Halloween post!

venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

Review: Kiko Chic Chalet and other products

Do you remember my last Kiko purchases?

Finally it's time to make a big review post! I had the time to try all the products In a month!

I hope it helps you for your future make up shopping :D


Nail Lacquer Purple Black microglitter

(without and with flash)

Sorry for the bad pic but it’s really hard to make a good shoot of dark nail polishes! It’s a gorgeous purple shade, dark and with a lot of little glitter. I paid only 1 euro for it (it was on sale!), I definitely recommend it!

Price: 1 euro (original price 4,90)

To buy again? Yes


1) Frozen Nail Lacquer Northern Sea Blue

This is from the limited edition Chic Chalet, a metallic blue without glitter. The color is gorgeous but not so special as I thought, there are a lot of dupe around, it had not the reflex I expected! If you haven’t got a good blue nail polish it is a good choice anyway

Price: 4,90

To buy again? No

2) Frozen Nail Lacquer Frosted Emerald

Favorite nail polish from the limited edition Chic Chalet! A gorgeous shade of green with a lot of reflexes, it’s really bright and special! Recommended!

Price: 4,90

To buy again? YES!


Nail Lacquer Fuchsia Microglitter

(without and with flash)

The color is really strange, a dark pink with tons of glitter , over the nails it’s a bit sheer like all light Kiko nail polishes with glitter. Your nails look like chewy candies ahah. Ultimately the color is very cute and it suits well sweet style.

Price: 2,50 (original price 4,90)

To buy again? Maybe

Make up Remover Eyes&lips

Very good for eyes and lips! The shop assistant told me it’s good for skin too….but with my sensible and dry skin is not best, I think it’s a good choice if you have a oily skin! It has a good duration (over one month), simple practical packaging (perfect for travels!)

Price: 5,90

To buy again? Now I say no, but only ‘cause I prefer to buy a different one for all the face!


Natural Concealer 01

I use only concealer on my skin in this period, it is very good to cover little imperfections and redness and the color it’s perfect for my skin tone! It’s always really hard to find a good concealer for pink under tone (in Italy I always found it only for yellow tone), so it’s a good strike for me! I’ll surely buy it again!

Price: 4,90

To buy again? Yes! It’s perfect for fairy skin!

martedì 25 ottobre 2011

Presents and poupee halloween outfits

I received some cute presents in this period!
My mother went to a household items shop and she found a cute Kimmi doll stand and she decided to buy something for me! She knows me very well ^^ I love japanese kokeshi dolls!
Visit their website, there are a lot of cute things !!


She chose Norika ( she represents Beauty) 'cause it's the most similar to me ahah, she bought a pen, bag hanger (I really need it! thank you ♥) and a mirror!


I received other cute presents from my boyfriend's sister! She went to Berlin last week and she bought for me this cute key necklace, it's perfect with a lot of my dresses! She also bought a postcard from the Hokusai exhibition 'cause she know I'm a big fan of japanese art! In italy there aren't good japanese art shows, I only had the chance to see Hiroshige exhibition some years ago (and I left my heart there ahah)

The second part of my post is about Halloween (you know I love it!), so I decided to share my poupee outfits ^^ I really like the new event, the scenery and the dresses are so cute! Let's start with the first six days:






Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I hope you like them! I don't feel very well these days, but I hope to make some new outfits asap ^^!

domenica 23 ottobre 2011

Rainy day

The weather was so bad yesterday, it rained all the day and it was very cold but I didn’t give up to dress up! I decided to wear my vampire forest jsk in a “casual” way ( I know it’s not so casual but I didn’t know how to call it XD ahahah) with my favorite hat and engineer boots, I hope you like it! I’m in love with the cherry spiked necklace from Suppurate System, it’s perfect!

Hat details (little roses are presents from my dear friend Valentina)
Bonus pic with Nerino
I went with my boyfriend to our favorite manga shop (again ahah) ‘cause I forgot to buy a lot of volumes last week! I admit it, I’m an otaku nerd, I love manga, animes and videogames ._. I always had boys hobbies in my life, I always hated barbie and girls things (until I started to wear Lolita, finally I rediscovered my femininity…but my hobbies are always so masculine ahah). Then we went to the pharmacy to buy a medicine for one of my pets and then we went home! Relax at home with my bf and my cats it’s always the best moment for me
I fall in love with Ao no Exorcist after seeing the anime, so I decided to buy the manga, I’m so curious about the continuation of the story! As you can see I’m a shonen girl ahah!
Little shopping news: I bought BB cream from SKIN79, Jetoy Schedule book 2012 and my new taobao order left China! I hope to receive my new things asap, I'm so curious to try the most famous BB cream and to try my new taobao things, I bought a lot this time ahah I’ll surely make a review !

mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

Waratte Koarete streaming link


We received a streaming link of Waratte Koarete show finally!
The bad new is....we apperead only for two seconds D: with our ridicolous motto "Gosu rori daisuki", the show was completely cut, I'm bit disappointed 'cause there was a lot of good performances! Other moments you can see us were when the camera framed the pubblic!

The link:

You can see us at 37.20!

Then... have you got a program for this Halloween? What will be your inspired outfit? Last year my outfit was inspired by ghost, especially children ghosts ( I know I saw too many documentaries of children died in fire D:). This time my outfit is based on a classic idea, I will be a witch eheh! I will celebrate it with my friends, we will do a little party with halloween menu! I hope to make a lot of pics 'cause last year I made only two pics!


Thank you as always for your comments and visits dear readers ♥♥♥

domenica 16 ottobre 2011

Cat window power!

I went out with friends and finally I met again Sara after long time yesterday! We decided to twin with our Cat Window prints from Putumayo, she wore the first edition in cotton and I wore the velvet edition, we also coordinate our outfits with a fur jacket and rocking horse shoes, aren’t we so cute?
First we went to the mall for a little make up shopping (and to see winter clothes collection, I admit it ahah), we bought some items from the last Essence supply and limited edition, here there's a pic of our common purchases :
“STOOOOOP IT, you have a lot of products!!!” when I buy make up items I always repeat to me, it’s like a drug ahah but I started a disposal make up project, so I’ll finish some items, I don’t know why but I’m too lazy to finish a product sometimes…when I’ll finish a lot of items I’ll start a big review! In one of my next posts I’ll finally share reviews of my last make up purchases from Kiko!
getting back to what I was previously saying, we went to a nearby city after the mall, because the manga shop is there :D I bought the last number of Shi Ki, then we went to a cute bar for a hot tea, for me the most relaxing moment!
Green tea is my favorite one in this moment, do you like tea? What's your favorite one? My favorites are lady grey, green tea, vanilla and white tea!
Outfit of the day, it's more casual than my usual style but I like it! It's really comfy and warm!


Thank you camera...I look like a ghost D:
I coordinate it with leopard coat and accessories (necklace and headbow), I hope you like it!
A pic of my purchases, below a list with all the products name!
- Essence I love stage eyes primer
- Essence nail polish remover strawberry
- Shi ki n°4
- Essence Blush Brush
- Essence limited edition Urban Messages lipstick 02 "It peace"
- Essence Tint it! Colour changing lipgloss 02 "Turn to Lucky"

Lastly a video of a cute fountain that changes color! You can listen my voice (damn it), ahah it's always so strange for me

Thank you for looking and comments my dear readers!

giovedì 13 ottobre 2011

Lolita closet part I

My dear friend Flavia made for me a new banner for the blog, what do you think? I like it very much :D

Today I would like to share my Lolita dresses, next time I’ll post shoes, bags and accessories! I hope you like them! I didn’t make pics of my outfits in these days, sorry! Saturday I’ll go out with friends and I already decide the outfit eheh!

Let's start with Moitie dresses (jsk & op):

Silent Moon blackxblue ( I need to iron it, my closet it's too small for all my dresses D:), Front Cross Bluexblack, Tulle Rose ivoryxblue


Divine Cross blackxgold (velvet version), Holy Queen Bluexsilver

Ritual print blackxgrey, Cathedral blackxsilver

Aatp dresses:

Vampire Forest, Scent of Rapunzel, Beauty and the rose promise. All red. I'm a red Aatp addicted eheh

Baby the stars shine bright dresses (light colors):

Paris Window ivory, Pocket Embriodery 2°edition cream and Wizard of Oz cream

Dark colors:

Bad pic ever, I don't know why my camera didn't work...

Virgin Mary, Christmas ornamental ( I forgot the veil), simple full shirring

Other colors:

Merry Sweet Castle brown and Oiseau Blue red

Angelic pretty dresses:

Lady rose white and Cherry Berry Bunny black


Miracle Candy red and Rose toilette black

Putumayo dresses:

Cat window blackxgold (velvet edition) and cat window blackxpink (normal edition), I'm a cat addicted!

Chandelier Blackxblue (now it's a strange color), Carousel Pinkxblack

Innocent World:

Only one dress, Chandelier op in light gray!

My style changed a lot in these years so I decided in the next months to sell some of my dresses, I'm sad but it'useless to have a big wardarobe and I wear some of them few times...

domenica 9 ottobre 2011

Life is black and white

I went out with my boyfriend to the manga shop some days ago, but unfortunately it was closed:(, so we decided to come back to our town for a little walk (and we found some mangas that we wanted in a stationery shop!). I wore again my leopard jumpsuit 'cause my bf loves it, this time the outfit was more casual with my leather jacket and creepers, it was really comfy, perfect for saturday afternoon!

The pic is not the best, I look so short and fat ahah sometimes my bf is a bad photographer.
It's the first time I played with some blackxwhite effect, I love the final result, I think it's perfect with the outfit mood!

I love these H&M fakelashes, they are long but natural! I tried my dolly wink limited set, but they are too exaggerated for my taste so I'll wear them only for events...I need new fake lashes eheh maybe I'll buy them in my next taobao order !

The sky was so beautiful

venerdì 7 ottobre 2011

Random things

It's time to make a random post! I have a lot of pics in my pc so I would share some of them!
Let's start with last purchases:

Let's start with last purchases:TUK Creepers, they were in my wishlist for a long time, I was lucky to find them for a reasonable price in my community! They are very comfy, I racommend them!

New Yorker jumpsuit: I don't wear gyaru style but when I saw it for the first time I fell in love! Maybe it's the only thing in my "gyaru wishlist" eheh! I bought it from the gyary sales comm, I received it after one month, italian customs destroyed the parcel (the address was unreadable) but luckly it arrived! I shared a worn pic in the previous post for the Versailles concert

Presents received from Waratte Koarete staff after the show! Nice gifts!

Outfit try for Versailles concert (then I didn't wear ahah). I hope to have a good chance to wear them asap!