domenica 28 dicembre 2014

Plaid time

Choker, tights Taobao - Necklace Vivienne Westwood - Dress/blouse Missguided - Shoes Cute to the core

My butt totally frezeed while I was taking these pics ahahah but I noticed it was quite a long time since my last outfit post (I was too lazy, I'm sorry for that!) so I took my courage and went outside with 5°c and took these pics. My day was quite relaxing at my bf's home with some friends, hot tea, sweets and videogames so I hadn't an occasion to dress up in a special way, but I liked my cozy outfit anyway especially 'cause I'm in love with this big blouse/dress I got recently from Missguided, it's really warm and perfect for casual coords! I'm a fan of tartan/plaid items but only recently I got some things with it, do you like it? I think it's the best option for autumn/winter when you want to dress up a bit colorful!

martedì 23 dicembre 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store items

New review for the well know store Bornprettystore! If you didn't know it, it sells a lot of different items both for makeup (brushes, eye and face makeup, nails,  etc) and fashion (accessories like necklace, braceletes, rings, etc). It's really convenient if you're searching for the most popular items for cheap prices, I found so many amazing things it was really hard to choose! Check the accessories section which is totally amazing!

I got everything in the usual month with the slow shipping method, everything was really well packed and they all have their plastic bags with tags. Very good packaging! I also got their cute business card!

The first item is a cool octopus necklace! It's available only in this bronze color, but it fits perfectly every outfit color. The quality is really good, the necklace is light and easy to wear, the details are well done! Definitely recommended! The prices are absolutely the best, the most cheap I ever seen for this kind of accessory! Can you beleive this beautiful necklace is 1,35$? You can find it HERE.

The second item is a classic spiked bracelet in gold (available in silver and black too), the quality is really good, the plastic is great and the spikes well done, I especially love the bright gold color! It's all elastic so you don't have to worry about size. The price is really cheap, only 2,66$! You can find it HERE.

 The third item is a silver chain necklace (available in gold and black as well), it's a very fashionable item, I saw it in almost every shop in Italy! It's really light because it's all in plastic, not metallic, so you can easily wear it everyday without feeling your neck heavy. I really like the fact it looks totally like a metallic one ahahah! The price is only 2,99$! You can find it HERE.

I'm really happy and satisfied about everthing (customer service, shipping, packaging and products quality), so I have to recommend this shop to you! I hope to try more items in the future!

You can use the code "ADDT10" for a 10% discount on your order!

giovedì 18 dicembre 2014

Review: Eos Fay Pink lenses

New circle lens review, always for my favorite shop Uniqso, this time about a pink circle lens pair, Eos Fay Pink Circle lens, which is a model I've already tried before in another color so I was really happy to get it in pink too!

If you didn't know now you can find a scan code on the Uniqso box! Isn't the new lenses package really cute? I love it! Also their lenses cases changed, I found them better than before 'cause they're more pratical and with a better stopper (which is really important to not dry out your lenses when you don't use them for long time) even if you're not allowed to see through it like before. I prefer to have a better quality lenses case instead of a trasparent one ahah!

Base Curve     8.8mm
Color Tones     2 Tones
Diameter     14.5mm
Processing Time     2-3 working days
Replacement Period     12 months
Water Content     38% 

The lenses have a great and vivid pink color which covers really well my dark eyes! I'm sure they'll look great over light eyes too 'cause the color is really pigmented. The design is simple and it fits really well both cosplay and j-fashions look! The diameter is 14,5 and it gives a natural enlargement to your eyes, I think it's the best for this kind of fake-colored lenses! I wore them many times for a lot of hours without problems or feeling my eyes dry, definitely comfy! They come with prescription as well.

Color ★★★★ great pink color that covers really well dark eyes
Design ★★★★ nice and simple design
Enlargement ★★★★ natural enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ really comfy
- lovely design and color
- perfect for j-fashions looks and cosplay
- natural enlargement effect
- really comfy
- non apt for a daily look

If you didn't read my previous tutorial about this wig check it here. I really love the combinations of this lovely blue wig with the pink lenses! Of course you can use my code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order!

lunedì 15 dicembre 2014

How to wash and restyle wigs

I got a lot of questions about how I wash my wigs so I decided to write a post about my method (and some little advice on how to restyle a wig)! Of course there are a lot of different methods, this is my personal one, I've been using it for a lot of years both for cosplay and fashion wigs! It's really important to wash your wigs, firstly because they will smell really bad after wearing them a lot of times (everytime I go to a convention I want to die for the smell T_T) and because you can restyle a wig or try to save it when it's too twisted. Read here how often should you wash your wigs.

I recently got this beautiful blue wig from Uniqso (you can find it here!) and I decided to make this tutorial for you because I would like to straight it! The wig looks really wavy and soft, for this reason I used my first method for new wigs to wash it (I'll explain of course the difference when you have to wash a new wig or an old and ruined one).

1) Put the wig inside a bowl of water (cold or medium temperature, NOT hot because it can ruin your wig), carefully wet it and then wash it with a delicate shampoo in the bath or the faucet.

2) Wash the wig with a delicate shampoo, I really recommend this Garnier one 'cause it's really delicate and it smells really good! Of course you don't need to buy special and expensive products, you can easily find at the supermarket delicate shampoos you can use both for your hair and wigs. If your wig is still in good condition using only the shampoo is totally fine, but if your wig is damaged and twisted is really important to use a strong conditioner. Take attention when you choose it, it's not ok using a really creamy conditioner 'cause it can stick to your wigs and it will be really hard to wash it (or in the worst option, your wig will look like a hank glued). For italians I really recommended this one, it's really cheap (just 1,50 euro) it has a strong conditioner power but it's at the same time really light, perfect for wigs in my opinion! Just put it for 20-30 minutes and then wash the wig and comb it, if it's necessary wash it again to remove the last residue.

3) Wash carefully the wig and comb it with a specific brush for wigs (you can buy it from many websites, but you can also use a brush for extensions), re-wash it again if you notice some residue or the wigs feels sticky. Gently brush the wig and put it in a towel until it's enough dry that it doesn't lose water around.

4) Leave the wig to dry outside, most of the bathrooms are really humid and it's not the best option to dry a wig (it takes forever to dry) so if you can put it in a drying rack during the morning and your wig will dry in a few hours!

The next steps are only if you want to straight it! When your wig is totally dry you can use a normal hair straightener, the most important thing is to put the temperature really low, max 120 grades (and your wig must be heat resistant of course). Straight little strands of hair so the result will be perfect!

My wig is now perfectly straight and soft! I really like the final result!

Let me know what do you think about this little tutorial and if you would like other posts like this!
Of course you can use my code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order, I'm totally in love with their wigs so I really recommend them to you all!

domenica 7 dicembre 2014

Review: Octopug shop

Big review for the lovely shop Octopug! It sells a lot of different handmade accessories, like necklaces, hair pins, rings and you can customize almost all of them as you want! For example if you want a specific photo for your necklace's pendant you can get it without problems :D the shop owner is a really lovely and kind girl which does her best to make the customers satisfied! I was able to choose two items from the large selection and she sent me other two necklaces, what a kind gift!

I got the parcel in few days and everything was really well packed, I received two gifts as I already wrote and also a lot of their business cards! Every item is totally handmade so I cannot give you the exact link of the object 'cause they're a bit different from the pic (for example I asked for the eyeball necklace in a different color!).

The first item I chose is a eyeball necklace perfect for pastel goth and creepy cute coords! It has so many lovely colory which I love like pink and lilac, it's all in plastic and the quality is good, it's also really light to wear! It's available in other colors as well, but you can ask the shop owner for other colors if you want it different! You can find it here.

I got this necklace as gift and it's so cute with the little black cat! Of course it's burgundy, one of my favorite colors and perfect for autumn/winter season. The pendant is all in plastic, really light and the necklace is a sort of soft felt. You can see a worn picture scrolling down the post!

This one is absolutely my favorite item! I love so much the blood everywhere, the prints and stripes details and skeleton hand piece are one of my favorite hair accessories so far! I think it's perfect for a creepy cute outfit or an halloween one. The quality is really good, really nice plastic and the blood is well done! You can find it here.

The last one is also a gift! It's a tiny planchett, the chain is a cute green color, the pendant is a bit irregular but nothing really bad, of course is an item you can figure out it's totally handmade.

I'm really satisfied with the items, the eyeball necklace and the creepy hair accessorie are absolutely my favorite! The shop owner was really kind and I got everything in a short time, I really recommend her shop if you're searching for special handmade accessories! You can check also her Facebook Page for more pics!

lunedì 1 dicembre 2014

Creepy attitude

Coat, Bag, Shoes Glad News - Horns Super Lovers - Cardigan, choker Ghost of Harlem - Dress Fernopaa - Leggings Calzedonia - Skulls Necklace Sammydress - Orb Necklace Vivienne Westwood

I joined the last Harajuku Fashion Walk in Pescara the past saturday, I really missed the event! I spent the time with my friends after the frenetic degree week (yes! I'm officially graduate :P with a high grade!). Finally I had the time to dress up with tons of accessories and extreme makeup after so looong, I feel so free now ahah. I'll register to a new University course really soon, but I'll try to relax this few days playing with the new Pokemon game, drinking a lot of green tea and of course eating a ton of chocolate!

venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Review: Michi Michi Rainbow land

Hi dears!
Today I would like to show you a new review about the etsy shop Michi Michi Rainbow land
The shop sells a lot of different accessories like tights, necklaces, rings, etc. perfect for j-fashion outfits. My review will be about three different items and I hope you'll like them!
I got the parcel in a few days after shipping, maybe I didn't get a parcel so early in my whole life ahah everything was carefully packed and everything had its protective plastic envelope, I also got the business card of the shop as well (it's too cute!).


The first item I would like to talk about is the tights! It's a lovely tatoo tights with a fake over the knee sock with a cute panda over it, the special thing is the tiny pink cheeks are little jems, they're not printed! I found it really interesting and different from the usual tights you can find on ebay. The quality is really good, the material is thick so you don't have to worry of crushing them after only one use, the print is well done and it's still perfect when you wear it! You can find them here.

An easy and cozy outfit wearing the tights! As you can see they're perfect when you wear them!

The second item is a gorgeous necklace perfect for gothic looks. It has a big pendant with a black frame and an amazing blue/green stone, the effect is fabulous under the light! Even if it's quite big it's really light when you wear it and the quality is really good, it's plastic but very sturdy. It's available in other great colors too! You can find it here.

The last item is a lovely tiny purse, perfect to keep some coins or little makeup items. It has a little chain so you can attach it on your purse if you want! And look at this cute and grumphy's the BEST thing I've ever seen ahahah, for a cat addicted like me it's the most adorable item in the whole world! The quality is really good, the material is really soft inside and outside! You can find it here.

I definitely recomend to buy items from Michi Mich Rainbow land! Lovely items for good prices and inside Europe, so you don't have to worry about customs and long shipping time! Let me know of course if you already know it and if you like their items!