domenica 31 luglio 2016

Green summer

Hat h&m - Top Romwe - Skirt Dresslink - Sandals Quanticlo - Necklace Weirdbrain Creation

Hi guys and happy Sunday! Quick casual look I wore yesterday, I'm really sorry it's kinda a simple look but with 38°C it's almost impossible to create something cool without dying for the heat :/ I also had a problem with my sd yesterday while shooting so I had very few pics for this look. Dark green is one of the few colors I wear with my usual black looks, I think it's always a nice touch without looking too colorful (the top is currently only 7$ discounted!What a nice bargain!) I also tried a more natural makeup and I don't think it suits me well ahahah I'm always a big fan of heavy makeup, I can't deal with it!
I shared my weekly video on my channel and this time is a what's in my bag ;D you can check it here! I would be really happy if you can give me some ideas for the next videos!

mercoledì 27 luglio 2016

So Goth I'm Dead

Headband Spinns - Choker Japan - Dress Killstar - Shoes Yru

I got asked a lot about this dress from Killstar on my snapchat so I decided to take some easy pics to show you how it fits, it's really long as you can see (I'm 162 cm), the material has a great quality and it's super soft, I know it can look totally different from the usual dresses but it's so damn comfy I totally fell in love with it! When the weather will become less warm I think I'll wear it a lot to stay cozy ahah! I also shared a new Haul video on my channel, check it to see the latest items I got! I'll do my best to share a new video every Saturday, I hope I can mantain this schedule during the exams period too but I can't promise it ahah!

lunedì 25 luglio 2016

Review: Eos New Adult Red

Hi cuties! New circle lens review :D always for my favorite shop Uniqso, this time I chose a pair I tried before in a lot of different colors and loved, the Eos New Adult in red color! I already reviewed this pair in other colors so I was sure the red pair would look cool and perfect for cosplay too! You can see my other review for this lenses, here for the violet pair and here for the blue one!

I got the lenses with Fedex shipping in a few days without problems :D I really recommend this shipping method if you need your lenses in short time and without worrying for the customs!

The lenses are a super bright red color which covers really well dark eyes, but I saw this pair on light eyes and the effect is great too! The diameter is tiny and quite natural, so I think it's a great option for everyone who has really little eyes and don't feel well with super large dimaters, I think this model is a pass-partout which goes well in every occasion and cosplay! The lenses are really comfortable and you don't need to put eye drops after wearing them for a lot of hours! They are available with prescription as well and they come in a lot of different colors, check them here!

I made three different angle/distance pics so you can see how vivid the color is even if you take the pic with a certain distance! This makes the lenses perfect for cosplay :D (excuse the light which is really strong and warm but the days are really shiny during summer in Italy)

 Color ★★★★ great red color that fits really well brown eyes!
Design ★★★★ nice and simple design
Enlargement ★★★ natural enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ super comfy!

- red color that covers really well dark eyes
-  great and simple design 
- perfect for both j-fashion coords and daily use
- natural diameter
- really comfy

- nothing!

Don't forget you can always use my code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order!

venerdì 22 luglio 2016

Cheap outfit ideas for summer 2

Hi guys! Long time since the last cheap outfit ideas post! I thought it would be a great idea to share some amazing bargains Romwe has shared recently :D the sales will be up untile the 25th of July so take a look before they're gone! You can see all the sales here.

During summer wearing tons of layers or accessories it's impossible for the heat (at least for me!) so I always try to create simple coords to stay as fresh as possible but still looking cool! This outfit would be perfect to go out during the evening without being too elegant or too casual. The bag is pretty cool with the little studs around and it's large enough to carry a lot of stuff!

Another night outfit this time more elegant! I love every detail of these items: the sheer blouse is perfect for an evening out (I'm sorry I'm in love with everything sheer), the skirt has so many lovely details I would definately wear it! Platform shoes are always my favorite also in sandal version!

This is the funniest outfit ever ahah I would definitely wear it if I was still wearing many colors :D I think with a cute colorful hairstyle it would be a perfect j-fashion coord! The chunky sandals are really cute, the white dress that looks like a blouse looks really comfy and easy to coordinate...the banana bag is pure love!!

I hope you liked these three simple outfit ideas for really cheap prices! Let me know if you want more post like this :D sometimes I totally forget to make this kind of post ahah!

mercoledì 20 luglio 2016

Favorite Lingerie: comfy ones

Hi cuties! I had a post like this in my mind for so long, I was finally able to shoot my favorite comfy lingerie items and if you're interested I would be really happy to do more posts like this, with more special lingerie of course :D!

You already saw this one wearing on this outfit post! Lately I'm into sportiv lingerie set, they're super comfy, easy to wash and fast to dry and you can wear the bra like a top for going around, when the weather is super hot this is something really cool to do :D! This set is also super cheap, I really recommend it!

Another bra but this time it's plain black with the really cute details behind it! You can look how cute is the back side here. The cups are a bit padded (nothing really big) this gives a nice form to the breasts but still feeling like you're wearing a plain bra! This is a jolly bra you can wear both for casual and more dressy looks, it would be really cool under a a dress opened on the back! It's super cheap, only 5$!

I can't miss in my collection a lace set (and it's not black!!) really cozy for daily life. I love this shade of grey in lingerie, I found it really elegant and a nice alternative to my usual total black. Uusually laces set are not really comfy but this one it is, especially because it has no underwire or padding :D. Unfotunately I got this one the past winter so I don't think it's still available, but Intimissimi always have something similar in every collection.

Calvin Klein (similar bra and similar slip set, didn't find this one online) 

Not the usual Calvin Klein lingerie :D the sport set is really famous and you see it almost everywhere especially on Instagram, I got myself a while ago this set which is really comfy even if the bra is a bit padded and has the underwire! I usually don't like underwire bras because most of them start to feel really uncomfortable and irritate my skin too after wearing them for many hours, but this one is perfect and super cozy! It was also cheap compared to the usual brand prices, I paid the bra around 30 euro and the slip (which was a set of three!) around 18 euro in a local store.

h&m Sheer set (bra link)

I got this one the past sales for a really cheap price (7 euro the bra and 5 for the slip!), it was a nice bargain especially because it's super comfy but super cool and sexy to wear :D I love the sheer parts (the back's slip is all sheer!) and the different texture used, it reminds me a bit the Unif bras but this one is way cheaper :D

I hope you liked my comfy lingerie choices, let me know if you're like me that prefer wearing this kind of pieces instead of super padded ones ahah!

domenica 17 luglio 2016

Hayley Hex


Hat Romwe - Dress Killstar - Necklace Born Pretty Store - Rings Born Pretty Store (chain & stone) - Sandals Quanticlo

I recently bought some new cool items from Killstar (thank you sales!) so I couldn't wait to show you this one ahah. The dress is really comfortable and cute when you wear it, even if I picked a wrong bigger size, the material unfotunately is not the best but I really like the print and the model anyway! I hope I can get more dresses from Killstar because it's my favorite brand lately and I have started a little collection in my closet. I coordinated it with some new little accessories I received from Born Pretty Store, the quality of all of them is really good and the prices really cheap, recommended! I think I'll record a haul video soon to show you all the things I got recently :D I always share them on my Snapchat (vanillasyndrome) but I noticed not so many people use it, I found it really funny and easy to use, it's a nice way to stay in touch with people in a more direct way!

giovedì 14 luglio 2016

The Witch

Hat h&m - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Tee Black Sanctuary - Boots Quanticlo

Hi guys! New casual and comfy look wearing my new tee from the italian brand Black Sanctuary, I'm always really happy and proud to show you a brand from my country that sells amazing pieces perfect for nu goth/witchy style :D go check them on Instagram to see some of their gorgeous tees! I love wearing large tees during summer to stay as fresh as possible, especially these days when i'ts hot like hell! I started to record some new videos after a looooong time and I'm really excited to show them to you! This look will be added on my next summer lookbook video :D

lunedì 11 luglio 2016

Wrapped Up

Hat Romwe - Necklace Rogue+Wolf - Dress Delphine - Sandals Jeffrey Campbell

Another outfit post featuring the gorgeous All wrapped up maxi dress from Delphine! This dress is amazing, I never had an elegant dress with such great quality and fitting, I'm deeply in love with it and I really hope to have the chance to wear it soon! I especially love the different materials used for the bust area, it gives a special touch to a total black dress like this! Now I have a graphic question to ask you (especially the bloggers): what website do you use for uploading pics on your blog? I'm really tired to see my high quality pics ruined by the blogger uploader :(